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Orbis solution combines the benefits of a highly advanced technology and an extensive experience within the Yachting market, by offering tailor-made solutions with the maximum level of flexibility for regional, multiregional and global coverage.
The in-depth knowledge of the market means that Orbis knows the importance of taking care of the entire chain, from day-to-day operations, to guest satisfaction and crew welfare.
Orbis is a one stop shop for communication solutions, hardware provision, installation and support. High quality Internet connection and multimedia content delivery have become one of the main requirements on Mega Yachts. Each solution is created around the yacht’s individual communication needs.



VSAT allows high speed data and voice transmission, via satellite, to both fixed and mobile remotes. Milano Teleport supplies dedicated, shared and mesh connections. All kinds of antenna systems (Sailor, Intellian, Orbit, KNS) and main satellite platforms (Idirect, Comtech, Newtec Dialog) are integrated in Milano Teleport’s solution. Our engineer team provides support and consulting services to optimize performances and costs of the satellite service, as well as the procurement, installation and rent of the VSAT equipment.



Milano Teleport offers connectivity service & backup through L band capacity. Clients are able to select from different packages from Fleet Broadband 150, 250, 500. Fleet Broadband is accessible globally, except in the extreme polar regions. It is possible to send and receive SMS (text messages) to and from other Fleet Broadband terminals and land-based cellular networks through a pc. Voicemail and other enhanced call management options are available, including caller identification, caller barring and call forwarding.



Milano Teleport offers connectivity service & backup through L band capacity becoming the only interlocutor for all customer’s telecom contracts. Clients are able to select from different Iridium packages. Engineered to perform in blazing sun, frigid cold or high winds, Iridium delivers broadband data and high-quality voice in one low cost platform. With pole-to-pole coverage, Iridium keeps ships connected everywhere on the planet.



Protection is a need and the protection of our customers is a must for Milano Teleport. Cyber Shield, our new dynamic integrated cyber security module, is an innovative purpose-built security layer offered on top of VSAT services. Cyber Shield is Implemented relying on ultimate security technologies by Palo Alto Networks® and guarantees a safe port in the exposure to cyber threats.



Trouble in managing local network in your remote office? In MilanoTeleport we usually integrate the different solutions and equipment installed on remote premises, to manage and monitor local performances. Our 24/7 Noc can immediately act in case of problems, via remote or local support if needed.



A cloud-based Wi-Fi hotspot solution that allows business to customize, monetize and manage their Wi-Fi platform. Fully managed by MT, the platform can be customized for each site and has the flexibility to control, limit and manage bandwidth per user group. WiFi can be accessed by permanent or temporary users with the possibility to set bandwidth consumption capacity. As option, the connection can be charged with several payment methods. A dashboard will provide full data regarding revenues and usage statistics.



Broadband access to areas not reached by optical fibre can be reached through the installation of satellite stations and manage the termination of the end user links with Wi-Fi or Wi-Max. In any sector, it is thus possible to offer dynamic broadband connections in Vast areas anywhere in the world, or on board of a vessel. In the same way, this service is also adopted in the civil sector, at low costs, providing data and voice (VOIP) communications to home users, companies and administrative authorities residing in the areas covered by the service. Milano Teleport can integrate its own satellite solution in the Wi-Max solution, which grants wireless access to broadband telecommunications networks through microwave technology.



Trough Milano Teleport’s web portal, user and IT managers may control in real time the remote Internet connection and other local important parameters. Integration with customers system are possible upon request.



Calls from anywhere to anywhere, worldwide. A rock-solid, secure infrastructure gives the most reliable and cost effective phone solution, even in the middle of the ocean! With VoIP system it is possible to make and receive phone calls just like on a domestic phone. Voice quality is very high and extremely reliable. MT has developed a proprietary VoIP solution: VoIP4SAT Service, more competitive and of even higher quality than the past. The VoIP platform has been integrated with MT proprietary monitoring system, allowing customers to have access at any time to their CDR Registry for the service. Data monitoring is easy and complete: an excel export through a simple download may have data available 365 days.



Whatever you need is (sport event, news), Milano Teleport may offer a temporary access to its Ku satellites to allow contents live transmission.


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