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Hertz develops in Italy world-class speakers, amplifiers and DSP for the 12 V industry, focused on reaching the best performance in the real environment of application. Passion for audio entertainment is the essential driving force leading the Hertz engineers to win the never-ending challenge of innovation using the most advanced technologies, always. Hertz products, highly regarded in over 60 countries worldwide, received several awards from EISA and other leading organizations for its outstanding track record of unique products.



To support its fans and sea lovers, in 2014 Hertz launched the Marine program, bringing the “Hertz Sound Experience” onboard. Hertz Marine high-performance control units, speakers and amplifiers are designed to operate in the marine enviroment, thrilling with the emotions of music while enjoying boating. They are built to last, with Pure Marine construction and are endurance tested to be:


The protection grade IP64 for amplifiers, IP65 for speakers and IP66 for source units define all the Hertz Pure Marine Certified products as totally protected against water jets of different entities, making them highly performant in the marine environment.


High quality ASA plastic and Polypropylene cones with co-molded Santoprene surround guarantee resistance to a wide range of temperatures.


According to the severe ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance, all the materials used for Hertz Marine products are designed to face long time exposition to UV radiations while cruising on the open sea.


To satisfy the standards required by ASTM-B117, Hertz Marine products are tested with massive salt fog spray to ensure a complete resistance to corrosion, typical of this atmospheric agent.


Dust intrusion is an important factor to handle in order to preserve the unique level of performance ensured by our Marine products for a long time. This is why they are totally protected against the intrusion of solid parts.


“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water” – Rabindranath Tagore. This is why we stress our Marine products with severe vibration tests to simulate the worst offshore conditions, always ensuring full operability


High humidity is the default condition that marine electronics and speakers have to face 99% of the time. To prevent any mechanical end electronical failure, Hertz Pure Marine Certified products are subjected to severe stress tests to take them to the limit.


Electronic components’ corrosion caused by exposure in wet environments is totally neutralized by the use of dedicated marine-grade (epoxy coated) PCB boards.

Hertz Marine systems using Full DA HD technology provide an unbreakable digital signal chain from source through the processor to the amplifiers. Keeping the signal in the digital domain (even 24bit/96kHz Hi-Res Audio) without any conversions prior to the single final DA conversion, optimizes the listening experience. Thanks to Full DA HD, it is now possible to enjoy marine audio systems free from limitations, signal alterations and distortions, regardless of their size and complexity.

Hertz Marine DSP technology provides the ability to obtain 100% acoustic performance from each individual speaker, to achieve perfect sound in every area of the boat. The acoustic performance for each of the configurable listening zones is optimized, regardless of the speakers’ location and the listener’s position. Even when the speakers are not installed in an optimal position, thanks to the power of digital sound processing, an exciting virtual stage and a balanced response is obtained.

Using the CONFIGURATOR App, for Apple and Android tablets and smartphones, every parameter of the DSP is wirelessly controlled, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth® 5.0 receiver. The Remote-control App, for Apple and Android, allows the management of the main DSP functions (Volume Master, Volume Sub) from the mobile device. The Navigator software, for PC, allows users to create pre-optimized software setup files for a specific boat model and the related audio system installed, ensuring a correct acoustic result in a very short time.

Hertz Marine offers innovative audio solutions for enthusiasts who want to experience the thrilling emotions of music onboard. Extraordinary Italian design and innovation applied to audio components of excellent quality and exclusive technology.



Hertz Marine Subwoofers create the emotions that low undistorted frequencies, without dynamic compression, can arouse to music fans who attend live concerts.


Hertz Marine Speakers are dedicated to purists ,aiming at achieving maximum timbre consistency combined with very high dynamics and extremely extended frequency response.


Hertz Marine In-Ceiling speakers are designed to deliver a thrilling sound with near stealth installation and incredibly durable construction.

Tower Speakers

Hertz Marine Tower Speakers use Common Motor Compression Drivers optimized for enhanced sound projection and high efficiency.


Hertz Marine Amplifiers’ technology enhances its speakers’ outstanding performance, providing pure listening pleasure with unmatched power efficiency.


Hertz Marine advanced Digital Signal Processors (DSP), re-create the magic of a concert hall anywhere onboard.

Source Units

Hertz Marine Source Unis are the epitome of elegance and sophistication in hi-end audio onboard. Engineered to deliver superior sound quality and withstand the harsh marine environment.


Hertz Marine Accessories ensure proper installation and allow full integration with reliable connections for peace of mind onboard.


  • Pure Marine construction
  • Precisely engineered
  • Hi-Res Audio & advanced DSP
  • Configurator App for PC & iOS
  • Audiophile sound & Italian elegance
  • Customizable finish
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