SIMRAD’s slogan is “Technology for sustainable fisheries” and we live by this slogan every day. SIMRAD believes that a sustainable fishery worldwide is the only right way to survive. By sustainable we mean a healthy take-out of the world fish stocks as well as an efficient and profitable fishery for the fisherman. SIMRAD believes that technology is an important factor to achieve this. Products that we believe have contributed to a sustainable fishery are Echo sounders with a Split Beam technology: this makes it possible to catch the right size fish. Catch monitoring instruments: this will reduce the impact of a trawl on the fauna, catch the right fish at the right time for better quality, catch the right species, and disregard by-catch before it is taken to the surface. These and many more reasons will help to obtain sustainable and pro table fisheries in many years to come.

Efficiency and profitability mean sustainable fishery. SIMRAD believes that an efficient fishing vessel will save the environment in many ways. One is saving fuel and therefore the CO2 emission is reduced since the vessel spends less time on the sea. Efficiency is key to becoming profitable, however other factors are also important. Catching the right size of fish, for example, will give the fisherman a better price and ensure that he is not catching small non-reproductive fish, cutting o the lifeline to the future. The right species is another important factor. To be able to see what species of fish enters your trawl and to be able to guide not wanted fish out will save the environment. To be able to make an early decision of what school to catch will save the environment, as the vessel will not travel more than strictly needed. All this is possible by using technology made by SIMRAD, and we will not stop here. Our goal is to always improve, in performance as well as with groundbreaking technology.


Echo sounder
A good transducer makes a good echo sounder. SIMRAD produces a variety of single and split beam transducers, for the ES80 echo sounders, which operate from 12 kHz to 333 kHz.

Current Indicator
The CP200-5C transducer provides speed & direction measurements of 5 individually defined current layers with high resolution and a range deep enough for most purse seiners.

Catch Monitoring Trawl
SIMRAD wireless catch monitoring systems use acoustical communication, between the vessel and sensors on the trawl doors & net, to show multiple real-time measurements.

Catch Monitoring Purse
SIMRAD wireless catch monitoring systems use acoustical communication, between the vessel and sensors on the purse-seine net, to show multiple real-time measurements.

In SIMRAD omnidirectional sonars up to 480 elements are used to create multiple beams, covering 360° horizontally and 180° vertically. All transducers and their elements are designed and produced in-house.

Omni SY50
The SY50 is a compact 360° omni sonar with an 8-inch transducer and all functions of the larger Simrad sonars. It is using 256 individual elements-transceiver channels with fully stabilized beams and adjustable operating frequency from 54 kHz to 60 kHz.

SN90 Trawl
The SN90 Matrix Sonar uses a hull-mounted transducer in the bow covering 120° horizontally. It operates like 5 individual echo sounders looking ahead with high resolution and long-range.

SN90 Purse
The SN90 Matrix Sonar uses a hull-mounted transducer covering 160° horizontally on the net pursing side. Using up to 5 individually controlled beams (5-8°) it operates like “5 echo sounders in 1”.


Underwater science

Since SIMRAD introduced sonar technology to the commercial fishery in Norway in the 1950s, the products have always evolved around sound in water. Through a close connection with the scientific community, important developments such as instruments for quantification of biomass, fish size estimation, and tools for species identification have been commercialized and introduced to scientists worldwide.

We believe that a sustainable fishery is dependent on accurate tools to quantify and understand the marine ecosystem, and the SIMRAD products have always been at the forefront of providing for this.

Sustainability in this context also involves the environment, and all SIMRAD products are designed to facilitate efficient surveys. Scientific Multibeam Systems are used to increase sampling volume with less ship time needed to achieve the survey goal. Trawl monitoring systems are used to monitor trawl behavior, as we believe optimal trawl performance also leads to reduced fuel consumption, less impact on the fauna and the right species and the right amount in the catch.

Following the current mantra in management and research communities, SIMRAD now offers products for ecosystem monitoring, ranging from small plankton to large mammals. As the focus shifts from single fish stock management towards looking at the whole food web, SIMRAD shall continue to develop new and refine existing tools for mapping the marine ecosystem.

Single beam
Calibrated split-beam echo sounders operating at multiple frequencies are an essential research tool for any quantitative survey. The introduction of EK80 series by SIMRAD takes research to the next level with underwater scientific systems, which can operate as narrowband (CW) or wideband and be adapted to match any situation and environment.

The EC150-3C transducer combines the absolute backscatter measurements from the split-beam echo sounder with physical oceanographic measurements from the acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) beams in one single instrument.

Multi beam
A scientific multibeam transducer consists of 800 individual elements that create configurations of multiple beams based on the user requirements. Combined elements are used to form beams in the shape of a FAN or MATRIX, allowing for real time 3D and 4D information to be collected.

Blue Insight
A cyber-secure, flexible and scalable digital ocean toolbox. Cloud-based solutions for seamless data acquisition, fusion, processing, visualization, contextualization, and management of ocean data. provides real-time overview across platforms and data types.



           Simrad MF90
  • 360º omni broadband 75-85 kHz
  • 90º vertical tip
  • Composite transducer, CW & CHIRP
  • Stabilized narrow beams