Hellas Sat

Hellas Sat is a premium satellite operator, established in August 2001, offering its services in Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. In the period 2007-2015 also conducted business activities as a satellite internet services provider. In April 2013 the company Arabsat acquired the majority of the Company shares and since then Hellas-Sat is a member of the Arabsat Group.

Hellas-Sat owns and operates a fleet of 3 high power geosynchronous orbit satellites at 39° East, enabling in-orbit backup possibilities while delivering additional Ka & Ku capacity and services over the EMEA region. The Company has been focusing on the development of the orbital position of 39° East into an attractive alternative proposition for video broadcasting, as well as VSAT applications. Through the successful operation of three DTH platforms, Hellas-Sat is broadcasting more than 300 HD and SD TV channels to more than 3 million households. Moreover, the dedicated Maritime VSAT solutions of Hellas-Sat enable cost-effective communications designed especially for maritime conditions and applications. The satellites’ fleet, offers excellent coverage over Europe, Middle East plus S. Africa and comprises of:

Hellas-Sat 2 is an Airbus Eurostar 2000+ spacecraft launched on 13/05/2003 with a payload of 30 Ku-Band transponders.

Hellas-Sat 3 is a Thales Alenia Spacebus 4000C4 spacecraft launched on 28/06/2017 with a payload of 47 Ku-Band transponders plus 1 Ka-Band transponder

Hellas-Sat 4 is a Lockheed Martin A2100TR spacecraft launched on 5/2/2019 with a payload of 34 Ku-Band transponders

The Maritime VSAT portfolio of Hellas-Sat provides flexible high bandwidth solutions in a wide variety of customizable speeds and packages for all our markets, including: yachting, commercial shipping, fishing, etc. Services to cover the full extent of customers’ requirements are available combining cost efficiency, data throughput, and quality of service. A variety of comprehensive packages, based on unlimited data usage, is offered. Tailored options of various contention ratios and even dedicated links are available depending on customers’ needs.

Hellas Sat solutions by Aegean Electronics combine professional business practices with an understanding of each customer’s specific needs and the added value of 24/7 high-quality services. Customers enjoy seamless connectivity across Europe, M. East, Africa, and Asia through the strategic partnerships of Hellas Sat with other leading Teleports and satellite operators.

Hellas Sat owns and operates two strategically located Teleports in Greece and in Cyprus which provide access to the geostationary arc from 47⁰W to 105⁰E. The Cyprus Space Centre achieved Full Certification to the highest level (TIER 4) under WTA’s Teleport Certification Program. From its ground facilities in Greece and Cyprus, Hellas-Sat provides a wide range of managed services to meet customers’ communications needs when and wherever is required. Leveraging the deep expertise to provide fast reliable and cost-effective solutions is at the core of everything we do.


  • Broadcast
  • Data
  • Occasional use
  • Cross-region connectivity
  • Managed Services