She is a 21m Fishing Vessel (purse seiner) operating in Central Greece. During the vessel’s standard dry-docking maintenance season, in winter 2021, the foundations of an integrated fishery system for selective fish finding and improved net control were set. The hull was fitted with a hydrophone for the latest Simrad PX net monitoring system, a Simrad Combi-Split transducer for the ES80 Echosounder, and a sonar trunk for the Simrad SY50 omni-sonar.The refit project was planned with complimentary, modular, scalable, and expandable characteristics, allowing easy future improvements, upgrades, and additions. Furthermore, all new equipment would utilize the latest unified Simrad HMI, which ensures that the user sees one unified interface between him and the product, regardless of which product is operated.

The Simrad PX System specified for this project comprises of: PX Seine Sounder net sensors, SR15 Receiver w/hydrophone plus Processor with TV80 Operating Software. The system provides multiple real-time measurements around the purse perimeter with centimeter-level accuracy. Clear user-definable information panels indicate (numerically and/or diagrammatically) the net’s depth from surface, distance from the bottom, sink rate, sensor battery status, etc. allowing for improved control of the net during the catch.

The Simrad ES80 System specified for this project comprises of: Combi-Split transducer with Single-Beam high frequency and Split-Beam low frequency, Wide Band Transceiver (WBT) with four channels plus Processor with ES80 Operating Software. The user-definable echograms indicate fish school location, fish size/weight distribution, biomass, bottom hardness, etc. allowing for selective fishing operations.

The Simrad SY50 System specified for this project comprises of: integrated hull unit with 8” stabilized omni transducer plus Processor with WINSON Operating Software. This latest sonar HMI allows for intuitive operation, incorporates multiple new capabilities, and is optimized for the new compact operating panel. The sonar’s high performance allows for efficient searching of the fishing areas, target selection, and tracking; saving valuable time and fuel in the process.

Moreover, live shore support by a remote link to the equipment on board the vessel has also been implemented. To expedite procedures the systems were delivered to the vessel with standard set-up already performed in our Service Department. So, attendance on board for the final works was completed by our Team in minimum time with no disruption to the vessel’s schedule.

The dependable operation and accurate measurements by the integrated Simrad systems allow for optimized and sustainable fishery operations. While the easy-to-use Greek menu allows intuitive access and use of the multiple new features and state-of-the-art performance. As a result, the vessel’s productivity will increase while at the same time fishing selectivity and fuel efficiency will also be improved. So, the vessel’s planned productive lifetime will be extended with lower operating costs and reduced carbon emissions.

Aegean Electronics completed engineering, installation, integration, and commissioning of advanced fishery electronic systems for selective fish-finding, and net monitoring.