Aegean Electronics Quality Policy focuses in sustaining a continuous profitable growth by providing products and services, which consistently satisfy and exceed the customers’ needs and expectations. By integrating our Code of Ethics in every level of our operation we are committed to conducting our business ethically, transparently and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, all our Team members make continuous efforts targeting to “improve everyday the working environment for all”. We have set up our organization’s system for quality assurance criteria, we are continuously improving these benchmarks in accordance with the ISO International Standards and we are certified for the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Aegean Electronics provides the highest quality marine electronics and navigation equipment, satisfying our customer needs by delivering product at the best cost, at the right time, and providing our Team members with a safe working environment and ongoing development through a continuous improvement strategy with total employee involvement and commitment. Through the early involvement of quality management in all operational phases, a significant contribution is made towards optimized quality and reliability. In every Department, our Team members are working to assure quality so that our customers can use all products and systems delivered safely and enjoy receiving reliable services for trusted and innovative solutions.