Aegean Electronics SA is a distribution and support center for major fishery electronics’ manufacturers. We deliver advanced active sonars, echo sounders, transducers, catch monitoring systems and fishing plotters for the fishing fleet. Our systems are selected to provide long term , reliable and easy operation with Greek menus and are in daily use on fishing vessels of all sizes.


The Simrad sonars offer short and long-range performance by use of advanced wide band transducer design combined with digital transmitting and receiving technology. A frequency-modulated signal with special filters enhances fish detection and definition under difficult conditions, while extending the detection range.

JMC sonars are offered in three categories with differentiating characteristics, compact size (CSL), digital operation (DSL) and fast scanning (CSS). The clear image of JMC sonars is a necessary tool for purse seiners of all sizes and types.

Echo sounders

The first split beam fishfinder, a 38 kHz model, came on the market in 1984 by Simrad. A 70 kHz model quickly followed it. Today we provide a wide range of frequencies ranging from 18 to 333 kHz. Our echo sounders and transducers provide high accuracy, wideband operation (“chirp”), multiple frequencies and high output power. Professional fishermen around the world rely on Simrad electronics to deliver a safer and more profitable time at sea.


Our high-quality transducers can be put to use with a wide variety of Simrad, JMC or other third party echo sounders provided that the power, frequency and impedance match. Typical applications include fish finding, navigation, hydrographic surveys and scientific explorations. Several frequencies and beam configurations are available. Key technical specifications are provided on the individual presentation pages, while all specifications can be found on the relevant product specification sheets.

Catch monitoring systems

A catch monitoring system from Simrad allows you to stay in full control of the gear and its behavior. The systems are designed to be equally useful for all fishing types. Bottom trawlers, pelagic trawlers, purse or Danish seiners – whatever kind of gear you use, all vessels can take advantage of one or more of the catch monitoring systems. These systems can be used with a variety of sensors. All sensors can be placed on a trawl or purse seine to monitor key parameters. The design of the sensors is extremely rugged, and they are built to withstand all the beating and battering they are subjected to on a trawl or purse seine.

Trawl sonars

Simrad invented the 3rd wire trawl sonar technology in the early 80’s. At that time nobody could foresee the impact these tools and technology have had to the pelagic and semi pelagic fishing industry. When the first trawl sonar was released, nobody had a 3rd wire winch, and nobody knew how to handle the equipment. This made the learning curve steep. But as always, if you see the benefit with a new product, you go the extra mile to acquire the necessary skills. In the pelagic and semi pelagic industry the trawl sonar is now so important that hardly anyone leaves port without it.

Fishing Plotters

Olex is the worldwide professional standard for a complete fishery plotting system with advanced navigation capabilities and fully automatic 3D seabed mapping. It is using vector charts in S57 format and provides: fast and seamless zooming, easy route planning, tracking and naming of radar targets and an autopilot interface with clear information. Moreover, there are options available for: AIS targets, trawl positioning, sea current mapping, sea-floor discrimination, weather data, etc.