Aegean Electronics Yachting Department is focusing on the consumer market whilst our Commercial Department serves commercial vessels of all sizes, from small vessels on inland waterways to larger coastal commercial and passenger craft. Our Fisheries Department is focused on supplying advanced, safe and reliable systems and solutions for the demanding day-to-day needs of the professional fisherman. Underwater Science is advancing at a very rapid pace and our dedicated Department is supporting the demands of the local research community with innovative products and solutions. Furthermore our Defence Department is dealing with the supply and support of the Hellenic Armed Forces with commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment.

In numerous projects over the last decades, Aegean Electronics delivered both standardized and customized solutions for smaller sport fishing and sailing yachts, as well as for some of the world´s largest and most complex yachts. The distinctive demands of our projects keep us at the cutting edge of yacht systems’ technology.

Aegean Electronics is a leading distributor and support center for nautical equipment and integrated bridge/navigation systems (IBS/INS) for the shipping and shipbuilding market. With long-term maritime expertise invested in delivering solutions to the professional market, we have unique knowledge to support customers with a complete range of sophisticated auto steering, navigation and safety products for vessels of all sizes.

Aegean Electronics is working with major fishery electronics’ manufacturers to deliver advanced active sonars, echo sounders, transducers, catch monitoring systems and fishing plotters for the fishing fleet. Our systems are selected to provide long term, reliable and easy operation with Greek menus and are in daily use on fishing vessels of all sizes.

Aegean Electronics provides scientists and fish management in both the marine and freshwater environments with echo sounders, sonars, transducers, catch-monitoring systems, trawl sonars and post-processing tools for accurate fish measurements. Our latest multibeam systems provide our users with cutting edge technology for faster and more reliable scientific results. Moreover, the live streaming capability of 3D survey data provides a valuable decision making tool which has been proven extremely useful in improving any survey trip’s efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Aegean Electronics’ experienced, factory trained and certified engineers offer our customers in all above markets excellent after sales support. With long experience in providing maintenance, repair and refit services plus spare part supply to many vessels around the world, our Support Department serves upcoming demands rapidly and flexibly.