2019 Retrofit – Trawler 26m

She is a 26m Fishing Vessel (trawler) custom built-in North Greece and delivered in 2003 to a repeat customer. All her initial systems were planned with modular, scalable and expandable characteristics, allowing the improvement of existing functionality without costly redesign. Throughout the years she has gone through various upgrades and updates of its systems without ever disrupting its operating schedule. In autumn 2019 she has gone through a complete retrofit of its wireless net monitoring system.

The retrofit allowed to upgrade door/net measurements from 3 (of the old Simrad PI system) to more than 20 simultaneous measurements (by the new Simrad PX system). Existing equipment was upgraded with the latest state of the art advanced systems (Simrad TrawlEye/SR70/TV80) which will extend the vessel’s planned productive lifetime, lower operating costs and increase productivity while improving fishing selectivity. Moreover, the new system allows for live shore support by a remote link to the equipment onboard the vessel. The retrofit was completed from our Team within one full day including door/net rigging, set-up, and delivery sea trial. The existing hydrophone was re-used allowing completion of the retrofit without dry-docking the vessel. Furthermore, the old trawl door adapters were replaced with new ones allowing for multiple measurements from the latest Simrad PX MultiSensors.

Aegean Electronics completed engineering, installation, and commissioning of advanced fishery electronic systems for door/net monitoring.