2020 Retrofit – Purse Seiner 22m

She is a 22m Fishing Vessel (purse seiner) custom built-in South Greece and delivered in 1986 to a repeat customer. Over her years of service, she has gone through various upgrades and refits, by Aegean. These were engineered, installed and supported to maintain and extend the vessel’s operating requirements through her effective lifecycle. In particular, they enhanced navigation safety and fishing operations’ productivity while improving selectivity. Moreover, most of the latest systems’ refits allow for live shore support by a remote link to the equipment onboard the vessel for reduced maintenance costs and downtime. In February 2020, during her annual dry-docking maintenance schedule, she has gone through the fitting of a new high definition composite omni sonar. The increased performance and accuracy of this latest state of the art advanced omni sonar system will extend the vessel’s operational capabilities and productive lifetime. Furthermore operating costs are expected to be lowered according to the owners’ experience from their other purse seiner which was refitted by Aegean with advanced omni sonar systems a few years ago. The new composite omni sonar fitted is a compact design suitable for the limited space available on the smaller and medium-sized Greek purse seiners. An additional sonar tube was used for the new omni sonar since the older sonars were also kept fully operational as a back-up. The installation works onboard were completed from our Team within one full day. One more day was needed for sonar set-up and delivery sea trial.

Aegean Electronics completed engineering, installation, integration, and commissioning of high definition composite omni sonar.