2020 Retrofit – Research Vessel 26m

She is a 26m Research Vessel custom built-in North Greece and delivered in 1988 to a Marine Research Institute. Over the years she has gone through various retrofits and upgrades, i.e. Simrad EK60 to EK80 multiple frequencies, etc. In early summer 2020, she has gone through a complete retrofit of its autopilot, rudder angle indicators, and compass systems. The retrofit allowed to upgrade the old course holding system to a type approved adaptive heading control system. Engineered for responsiveness, robustness, and ease of use the Simrad AP70 Mk2 Autopilot also includes the latest modes of No-Drift Steering and Navigation Steering. Moreover, the Simrad GC80 Gyrocompass specified is using a field-swappable fully-sealed low maintenance sensitive element with additional Magnetic Compass and GNSS Compass back-up. So, the existing equipment was upgraded with the latest state of the art advanced systems.

The autopilot computer is the heart of the heading control system, processing navigation data from the compasses, GPS, chart-plotter, and instrument systems with advanced algorithms and provides smooth control signals for the rudder system to achieve reduced fuel consumption and optimal transit times. The advanced processor fitted in this system learns over time the characteristics of the vessel’s handling and minimize the rudder movement. Thus, the steering drag on the vessel is reduced lowering the vessel’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while improving course keeping accuracy in all weather conditions. The upgraded system allows, beyond Adaptive Heading Control, for customizable Work modes plus low/high-speed modes. The existing steering control system and bow-thruster control systems were re-used allowing completion of the retrofit within four full days including installation, integration, dock-side set-up, and delivery sea trial from our Team.

Aegean Electronics completed engineering, installation, and commissioning of integrated autopilot, rudder angle indicators, gyro, and magnetic compass systems.