The completed Framework Agreement, for the procurement of 41 NORSAFE MUNIN S-1200 speedboats for personnel transport plus their 7-year Initial Follow-on Support has been recently signed.

The vessel selected represents a state-of-the-art platform surpassing all requirements set by the tender. Her Twin‐Stepped well‐proven deep V-Hull with superior shock mitigation, stability, and maneuverability is designed and built to operate reliably and effectively in extreme conditions. Certified to operate in winds of Beaufort Force 8+ and significant wave height of 4+ meters. While her triple outboard propulsion is offering a top speed of 65+ knots.

The bridge layout is a compact glass-bridge navigation solution with dual integrated touch-screen multi-function workstations for the operators. The system provides industry-leading capabilities combining a user-friendly interface for decision support with minimum distractions. These improve situational awareness and minimize the risk of human errors under demanding operational conditions.

Aegean Electronics provided touch-screen Multi-Function Displays (GPS, Chart, Radar, AIS, Echo-Sounder, etc), and Communication systems.