She is a 34m Fishing Vessel (trawler) built in 2003. During the vessel’s summer dry-docking, her hull was fitted with a dual-hydrophone housing for the latest Simrad PX door/net monitoring system. While the old trawl doors were fitted with dedicated adaptors allowing secure fitting and correct orientation of the new sensors for simultaneous multiple measurements. Moreover, the door sensors were calibrated on the trawl doors offsite, so that no further adjustment would be needed when delivered onboard the vessel.

The Simrad PX System specified for this project comprises of the latest generation Door and Headrope Multi-SensorsMk2, an SR70 Receiver plus a marine Processor with TV80 Operating Software. This system provides 18 simultaneous door/net measurements with centimeter level accuracy. The system was planned with modular, scalable and expandable characteristics, allowing easy future improvements, upgrades and additions. Furthermore, the new system allows for live shore support by remote link to the equipment onboard the vessel.

The dependable operation and accurate measurements by the Simrad PX door/net monitoring system will allow for optimized door/net rigging set-up. This will concurrently increase the vessel’s productivity, improve fishing selectivity and fuel efficiency. So, the vessel’s planned productive lifetime will be extended with lower operating costs and reduced carbon emissions.

Aegean Electronics completed engineering, installation, and commissioning of advanced fishery electronic systems for trawl door/net monitoring.