Integrated Bridge/Navigation Systems

Synapsis NX represents the next level of Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) and stands for safe, simplified, and efficient navigation. The Bridge Integration Platform (BIP) is managing all routes, charts, tracks, and, is performing the distribution of consistent, validated data through the system, plus intelligent central alert management.



Anschütz offers state-of-the-art network-based radar transceivers and a new generation of multifunctional workstations for navigation, which provide the base for Radar, ECDIS, or Conning applications – as needed by the respective customer.


Manual Steering Gear Control Systems

Anschütz offers highly accurate, safe and flexible manual steering gear control systems, which can be configured according to any customer requirements.



With the experience of thousands of autopilot installations, Anschütz has developed a series of (adaptive and non-adaptive) autopilots, corresponding to the requirements of different vessel types.


Gyro Compass Systems/Repeater Compasses

Being the inventor of the gyrocompass, Anschütz offers sophisticated and cutting edge gyro compass technology based on over 110 years of experience. Anschütz also offers maintenance-free solid-state gyros.


Other Sensors and Communication Equipment

The navigation sensors and GMDSS communication systems which are used for the Anschütz integrated “turn-key” projects are state-of-art and approved according to the latest IMO requirements and EU Directives.


INS Synapsis NX
Synapsis NX is the world’s first INS which has been type-approved according to IMO perform and IEC test standard MSC.252(83)/IEC 61924-2. The system is providing intelligent integration for increased safety and reduced sress by using standardized components to create customized systems adaptable to specific needs.

Workstations for
Chart/Radar NX
Conning NX
Synapsis NX Workstations are available as a multifunctional workstation with access to all nautical applications or as a stand-alone system for a single application only. Anschütz’s workstations offer advanced functionality beyond basic IMO requirements.

Autopilot 5000 NX
NautoPilot 5000NX is the new top-of-line Anschütz autopilot. It combines high-precision steering for maximum safety with a wide range of fuel-saving features that reduce emissions and cost. NautoPilot 5000NX is the ideal autopilot solution for ships 100 meters in length or longer.

Autopilot PilotStar NX
PilotStar NX offers superior steering performance, thanks to decades of experience and the proven Anschütz steering algorithms. It includes the latest technical developments such as Ethernet communication and is approved as a heading control system for standard and high-speed craft.

Gyrocompass Std-22NX
The new Standard 22 NX gyrocompass comes with completely renewed electronics and additional interfaces. Using a modular system architecture and a real-time redundant CAN bus allows for easier installation and integration for new projects or retrofits.

Analog compass repeaters ensure a clear indication of heading using graduated compass cards. Compass sights, brackets, and a pelorus stand are available for the bearing repeaters. Digital repeaters indicate heading and rate-of-turn as a tendency.

Manual Steering
Gear Control
NautoSteer Advanced Steering is designed according to fail-safe principles and provides maximum safety in manual and automatic steering control. No single failure in the system causes any unwanted rudder activity.

RAI Rudder Angle
Anschütz provides all components for a ship-specific rudder angle indication system in a modular design. A rudder angle indication system consists of a feedback unit, a rudder angle amplifier, and rudder angle indicators.