B&G and 11th Hour Racing Team

B&G®, the world’s leading sailing navigation, and instrument specialist announced its partnership with the 11th Hour Racing Team this week prior to the team’s upcoming start in The Ocean Race Europe in Lorient, France on Saturday.

As official suppliers, B&G will support the 11th Hour Racing Team with a full suite of the latest race-proven marine electronics, including the latest B&G Nemesis™ displays, for the team’s campaign focused on the next edition of The Ocean Race 2022-23. Throughout the partnership, B&G and 11th Hour Racing will also work together to develop innovative ideas, test new products, and collaborate on future technologies and sustainability initiatives.



As part of the sustainability collaboration, B&G will also be providing the team with BioBase™ technology, a subsidiary of its sister brand C-MAP. Directly supporting the team’s mission to protect our aquatic environments, BioBase is a one-of-a-kind mapping solution for monitoring vegetation densities, bottom hardness, and other water quality characteristics. Data is then used by researchers, scientists, and local water resource officials on studies and issues related to wetland habitats and the health of waterways and fisheries.

“B&G is extremely proud to be supporting 11th Hour Racing Team,” said Simon Conder, Head of Global Brand, B&G. “We recently added sustainability as one of our long-term B&G core pillars and look forward to our own sustainability journey ahead, so partnering with the team, in their mission to promote change, benefitting the health of our ocean, and for success in the next edition of The Ocean Race 2022/23, makes for an exciting and perfect partnership.”

“For race-proven and reliable onboard electronics, our only choice was B&G,” said Mark Towill, CEO of 11th Hour Racing Team. “Our mission is to develop a high-performance sports team utilizing the best technologies and innovations while working with brands and partners to drive positive change within the industry for the health of our ocean. B&G are the perfect partners for us: we look forward to collaborating with them on this and many other projects in the future.”


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