Echoview 11.1 is released as a free upgrade

Echoview 11.1 is a free upgrade for licensees with access to Echoview 11 and includes a short-but-sweet selection of user-requested features., as follows:

Wideband frequency response analysis

Echoview 11.1 has new export options for wideband frequency response analysis of Sv pulse compressed data. Users can export this type of analysis for regions and selections in the echogram window via the right-click shortcut menu, or can use the Echogram menu option to export a wideband frequency response analysis for all regions in an echogram. Three new COM methods have also been added to support the automation of region-based wideband frequency response exports.

Single target filtering

Single target variables now include the option to filter targets based on their off-axis angle. This setting can be found alongside the existing options in the Filter Targets page in Variable Properties.

Opening data files

There are new ways to open data files in Echoview, including automatic creation of new EV files and use of templates. Hydroacoustic data files that are compatible with Echoview can now be opened by:

  • Double-clicking a data file in Windows Explorer (after configuring Windows file associations)
  • Dragging-and-dropping data files onto the Echoview Welcome Screen
  • Using the Windows Command line (including the use of wildcards)

Region classes in exports

When exporting region-based analyses, users can now choose any combination of region classes. This applies to all analysis by regions and analysis by regions by cell exports, plus the region definitions, region logbook, and georeferenced samples by region exports.

Other improvements

  • The Calibration Assistant has an improved iterative approach when calculating minor- and major-axis 3dB beam angles and angle offsets
  • Support for Simrad *.bot files that can be recorded alongside *.raw files by version 2 of the EK80 software has been added
  • Spaces have been added in front of time values in CSV file exports. These were previously removed in Echoview 11, and are re-introduced to prevent auto-formatting problems when using Microsoft Excel.
  • EV file names are now shown ahead of the Echoview version number in the title bar
  • The full file path is displayed when the mouse is held over an EV File in the Recent Files list on the Welcome Screen
  • The correct color is used in echograms and along-track displays when a ping status has been defined
  • Bottom points variables now report all settings used during classification in their Notes page

Licensed users can install Echoview 11.1, by starting Echoview and using the Help menu option to Check for Updates. Users may contact their local support for the confirmation of their license status or with feature requests for inclusion in future software updates.

For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece and Cyprus:
Aegean Electronics SA
4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece
Tel: +30 210 4123000