Echoview 11 correction for generic Sv Offset

It has come to our attention that the equation for the generic (i.e. non Simrad) Sv calibration equation was incorrectly implemented in Echoview 11. In software version 11.0.244 and earlier, if a non-zero value for Sv Offset was used (either set in an ECS file or read from the data file) then the resulting Sv Offset calculated using the Calibration Assistant was incorrect. This has been fixed in Echoview 11.0.255, which is available by opening the Help menu in Echoview and clicking Check for Updates, or by downloading the latest installation package. It is strongly recommended for users to re-calculate their Sv Offset in the latest version of Echoview if the Calibration Assistant has been used with non-zero values in an ECS file or read from the data file. It should be noted that the Sv Offset issue, addressed with this latest software version, does not affect the calculation of the TS Offset.

The selection from the Output Format list controls the type of Sv and TS calculations output by the Calibration Assistant. Generic specifies generic TS offset and Sv offset values that are added to uncalibrated TS and Sv data respectively. While Simrad Specific specifies TransducerGain and SaCorrection values that are used in Simrad Ex60 Power to TS and Sv equations. These values are used to modify a calibration sphere measurement to match an expected theoretical TS or Sv value.


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