Fusion expands Signature Series 3 with 12” Sub!

Premium low frequencies now with industry-first CRGBW LED lighting.

A carefully balanced blend of exceptional mechanical design and brilliant acoustic engineering, the new revamped Fusion Signature Series 3 marine subwoofers deliver premium low-frequency bass to make the difference between a good audio system and a truly memorable audio entertainment experience.

These all-new 12″ subwoofers feature an elegantly designed sports-style grille, and are engineered with a large diameter voice coil and a high tensile polypropylene cone that produces a thunderous 1400 Watts peak power – so you can feel the true “Power Of Music” with premium low frequencies. Like their 10″ Signature Series 3 counterparts, the new 12″ subwoofers are available in Sports White or Sports Chrome designs to suit the aesthetics of a wide range of modern boats.

The sports-style Signature Series 3 subwoofers feature industry-first CRGBW LED lighting to illuminate your boat with an unprecedented spectrum of colors, to help set the mood or start the party with premium, more ambient lighting.



  • Premium CRGBW LED Lighting: Industry-first marine subwoofers with CRGBW (Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Warm White) illuminates an unprecedented spectrum of colors from premium pastels to vibrant hues to match your music for an unparalleled, more ambient on-water entertainment experience. Control the color, brightness, light mode, and speed with the optional MS-CRGBWRC wireless remote control (sold separately).
  • Thunderous 1400 Watts Peak Power: Producing stunningly defined high power, the Signature Series 3 subwoofers take premium low-frequency resonance to depths previously uncharted.
  • Polypropylene Cone Technology: Defined, low-frequency acoustics are a result of the excellent self-damping, resolution, and bass reproduction from the quality polypropylene cone.
  • Sports Styled Grille: The stylish sports grille design provides the ultimate cone protection with great looks to complement any boat.
  • Large Diameter Voice Coil: Providing an increase in real power and efficiency, the large diameter voice coil produces an exclusive signature sound with wave-rippling bass.
  • True-Marine™ Design & Protection: Extensively tested to perform in the harsh marine environment, the Signature Series 3 subwoofers are rated IP65 water-resistant and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Designed To Comply with ISO12216: Tested to international standards for pressure and water ingress, it recognizes the Signature Series 3 subwoofers are designed and built to the highest industry standards for quality and robustness.

Designed by musicians and engineered by boaties, the Signature Series 3 is a fusion of these two fundamentals. The result is the formation of a truly immersive musical experience. By incorporating the finest materials with True-Marine™ engineering practices, Fusion shaped a series of marine subwoofers so acoustically stunning and at the same time so robust, that it feels right at home on the water.


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