Peplink’s solutions combine multiple WiFi, 4G/5G, VSAT and Starlink connections to establish an unbreakable and secure connection on board. The solutions are cost-effective, fast and remotely manageable. The SD-WAN routers combine all types of connections and actively search for the fastest and cheapest internet connection available, switching between these different connections as they are in range. This enables an optimised use of the available connections at all times and means that your activities continue smoothly, whether you are at sea or on inland waters.

The varying network availability, growing need for bandwidth for systems and controlling costs continue to be major challenges for the maritime sector. Thanks to the unique and patented technology SpeedFusion, challenges can be tackled before they arise. In addition, the cloud-based management platform InControl 2 offers the possibility to remotely access and manage the solution.

By using Peplink routers in combination with the Maritime Antennas, you ensure that you still have a good Cellular connection even further from the coast. As a result, Satellite connection is only used at a later stage, which ensures a large saving on your costs. The antennas are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The Maritime Series have an IP68 rating and a UV-resistant housing.

As a Starlink Authorized Technology Provider, Peplink provides robust networking solutions for the most challenging environments, whether that’s providing reliable Internet for a private yacht anchored in a remote bay, or connecting 5,000 passengers on a globally sailing cruise liner. Working closely with Starlink engineers, Peplink devices contain features made specifically for use with Starlink’s network. Users can control both Peplink and Starlink devices from InControl or connect and share multiple Starlink terminals together for increased reliability and speeds. With Hot Failover, users can fallback to a standard cellular connection when Starlink gets cut off and vice versa. So, they benefit enjoying seamless connectivity and session persistence with zero downtime.

In the maritime industry, connectivity is critical to ship and crew operations and safety. There is a great need for bandwidth in the maritime industry, especially since many devices and systems aboard ships depend on a stable and fast internet connection. This is further complicated by the unstable environment in which ships find themselves, such as constant motion and weather. In addition, network availability and connection speed depends on the location of the ship. Ships often sail in remote and changing locations, which further limits connectivity and bandwidth. Moreover, ships often have to switch providers when they cross borders, leading to delays and inconveniences for the crew. As a result, many companies face high connectivity costs at sea in order to maintain unbreakable connectivity.

Peplink has the perfect solution to these challenges in the maritime industry. Multi-WAN options allow us to connect to both Satellite and Cellular connections, allowing the user to switch to the cheaper option when needed. Peplink’s Bandwidth Bonding provides affordable high-speed connectivity via multi-cellular routers, greatly improving connectivity and network availability. Using our multi-cellular routers also increases the likelihood of connecting and maintaining a cellular connection.

Additionally, the SIM-injector is a Peplink device which allows easy management of all SIMs. This makes the management of different providers easier and more efficient, which means ships can switch between providers faster when crossing a border.



BR1 Pro 5G

Multi-core CPU integration ensures delivery of gigabit speeds, achieving 800% faster speeds than the original BR1 Classic. Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 for less interference and multiple simultaneous connections.

Long Range Dome

Provides LTE/5G connectivity at sea. FusionSIM support allows to replace SIM cards remotely. Secondary Ethernet port for automatic traffic switching between Starlink, VSAT, and LTE/5G.


MBX 5G is quad cellular mobile powerhouse with redundant SIM slots and multi-radio capabilities providing speed, reliability, and coverage by combining the best of 5G and LTE.


Connect to multiple carriers (+8 SIM cards) and ensure that your connection remains unbreakable. Adds PoE output capability and allows up to 100m cable distance from the router.

Certified Maritime Partner


  • Unbreakable connectivity
  • Complete solutions
  • Multi-WAN (Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, VSAT, Starlink)
  • Starlink Authorized Technology Provider
  • Bandwidth Bonding
  • Cost control