Naviop is an International leader brand in marine monitoring-control systems, UI and UX interfaces. Design-oriented, highly flexible and reliable, Naviop monitoring systems comply with major international industrial standards and can manage and monitor all onboard parameters and technical instruments. Naviop combines technological innovation with experience, to supply, tailor-made solutions, for OEM and end-users.

Naviop Loop is the Naviop user interface designed to allow a seamless interlock between the acclaimed Navico navigation controls (Simrad, B&G, Lowrance) and the successful Naviop monitoring solutions. The integrated approach greatly reduces technical redundancy and device duplication: accessible through a single framework, which means less wiring, less risk of problems, less hassle. Suggested vessel: 10-20 feet (Loop S), 20-30 feet (Loop M), 30-40 feet (Loop P).

Naviop’s experience and leadership are expressed entirely in the new comm\and which is an OEM framework for high-end helms. The navigation and monitoring functions are fully manageable depending on the information needed at the moment, on the position of the yacht. A single stunning ultrawide screen is dedicated to the main monitoring and navigation readings, a mix of video sources and content clusters chosen by the user via the commanders, two touch screens doubled by two physical joggers for redundancy and added safety.