Founded in Northern Italy in 1985 with a mission to serve boaters worldwide, C-MAP has more than 35 years of experience creating cartography and services for all types of leisure boaters and commercial customers. Setting the standard for navigation and situational awareness, C-MAP develops precise, reliable charts with safety and ease of use at their core, to satisfy the most demanding users.

C-MAP cartography products and services include multiple formats for lakes, coasts, and oceans across the globe. With detailed coverage of over 8,000 lakes in the USA alone and over 7.2 Million points of interest globally, C-MAP continues to invest in improving the coverage and quality of detail shown. Its teams of experts are continually innovating and developing new formats and features for boaters, including Custom Depth Shading for a truly personalized experience, subscription-free Easy Routing, and Genesis Layer, which adds 1ft contours compiled from quality controlled user data on top of the official charts. Reveal charts replace shaded relief data in selected areas with more accurate depth variations, revealing the best fishing and diving spots, presenting easy to interpret detail dynamically, as never seen before.

C-MAP has extensive partnerships and its products are compatible with more marine brands than any other company; including the leading brands, Simrad and B&G. With the C-MAP App, users can experience a truly personalized and smooth end-to-end experience. It provides all the planning tools, needed to get out on the water, on hand at all times.

Recreational customers can be assured they are in safe hands as C-MAP is also a trusted provider for the commercial marine sector, including the US Coastguard and many of the world’s major shipping companies. Safety and accuracy remain key, with an additional focus on weather conditions and routing analyses to improve performance and efficiency, reducing costs and passage times.

C-MAP is a member of the Navico family of brands, alongside Simrad and B&G. A specialist marine electronics company, Navico has an unrivaled heritage in the industry, with over 70 years of developing, designing, and manufacturing industry-leading products.


Whether cruising, fishing, or sailing, C-MAP DISCOVER offers a choice of coverages and includes all the core features needed to make the most of time on the water. DISCOVER has the very best of C-MAP High-Res Bathymetry, including Genesis data, along with full-featured Vector Charts, Custom Depth Shading, Tides & Currents, and Subscription-Free Easy Routing.


C-MAP REVEAL charts display the very best of C-MAP. With Shaded Relief, including game-changing Ultra-High-Res Seafloor imagery unique to REVEAL, Aerial Photography, Satellite Overlay, and Dynamic Raster Chart presentation added to the core C-MAP features found in DISCOVER.


C-MAP DISCOVER X offers a fresh, dynamic experience exclusively for the Simrad NSX. With the latest vector data, best-in-class Day and Night modes, and the most detailed C-MAP High-Res Bathymetry, with an all-new Map Inspector Tool. DISCOVERY X also delivers smooth integration with the Simrad Companion App. Rich features include Custom Depth Shading, Tides & Currents, and subscription-free Autorouting plus 12 months of free online updates.


C-MAP REVEAL X offers all the great features from DISCOVER X and more exclusively for the Simrad NSX. They bring the world around you to life with Shaded Relief and you feel connected to your surroundings with Satellite Overlay. REVEAL X charts also deliver smooth integration with the Simrad Companion App and come with 12 months of free online updates.


C-MAP 4D is available in micro-SD and combines vector chart data with Dynamic Raster Charts offering the ability to view chart presentations in 2D or 3D. Packed with innovative features and designed to enhance every cruising, fishing, and sailing experience.


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Precision
  • Clarity
  • Quality
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