New B&G® Hercules® Sailing Processors

B&G®, the world’s leading sailing electronics manufacturer, today announced the launch of the Hercules® sailing performance processor, delivering advanced data in an instant, with enhanced settings, and maximized connectivity and compatibility. Additionally, B&G is introducing a new Hercules expansion module, allowing sailors to integrate additional sensors and expand their sailing system for cruising or racing.

Hercules is the brains behind the ultimate sailing system. With ultra-fast quad-core processor and maximized integration options, the new processor delivers the most accurate sailing data sets including advanced true wind calculations, motion correction and calibration, advanced heel and correction settings, boat speed calibration and advanced Starline calculations, along with Polar Tables for performance data. A guided onboarding system and automated calibration for core sensors simplifies the set up and management.

Designed for simplicity and ease of installation, Hercules is compatible with existing Triton™ 2, H5000, Nemesis™ and HV displays, as well as Vulcan™ and Zeus® chartplotters, and can be expanded to accommodate additional inputs with the new Hercules Expansion Module.

The new, advanced processor provides advanced, customizable data recording. All sailing and sensor data can be stored to the internal SD card for custom data sets and greater storage capacity, and managed through the new, easy-to-use web interface or transferred to the B&G companion app to be uploaded and reviewed later. Advanced data capture will also allow sailors to record custom events, like sail changes and configurations.

Completing the Hercules range of sailing processors is Hercules WTP, targeted at ultra high-performance and racing demands, and includes enhanced user customization through Python scripting along with enhanced integration options, including ModBus support.

Hercules Sailing Processor Key Features include:

  • Latest quad-core microprocessor provides all core instrument calculations
  • Enhanced feature set
  • Intuitive, new design, web interface
  • B&G App Integration & All-New Web Interface
  • NMEA 2000® compliant interface
  • 12/24V Power supply
  • Maximized connectivity – including dual Ethernet (100Mbps), 9 x 12-bit analogue channels, 2 x serial I/O channels, 2 x configurable alarm outputs, 1 x Crew Overboard input
  • Micro-SD Card – tested to 256 Gb

Hercules Expansion Module Key Features include:

  • Dual Ethernet ports (100Mbps)
  • 9 x 12-bit analogue channels
  • 2 x Serial I/O channels
  • 2 x configurable alarm outputs
  • 1 x Crew Overboard input
  • 12/24V power supply


The B&G® Hercules® Sailing Processors are already available to the public.


For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece

Tel: +30 210 4123000