New Servers from Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape announced the expansion of its server line up and down. Introducing the latest and greatest Terra 72TB server plus their first-ever compact Terra 12TB server.

Terra 72 is the largest 4K movie server from Kaleidescape to date, designed specifically for users looking to move from disc to digital or to increase their collection through Kaleidescape’s industry-leading Marine Movie Store.

With the increase in 4K UHD titles available, the Terra 72 allows users to conveniently consolidate collections onto a single server and still enable access to more movies. All this while preserving valuable shelf space, especially in a yacht system. The Terra 72 provides several high-performance benefits.

  • Increased storage. Terra 72 stores over 1,000 high fidelity 4K Ultra HD movies, a 50% increase over the 48TB.
  • Fast download speeds. Terra 72 downloads full-length 4K movies in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Highly scalable. It supports any number of Strato C players and serves up to 10 simultaneous 4K UHD playbacks.
  • Reliable. Terra 72 continues to operate even if a hard drive fails. When the failed drive is replaced, its movies are automatically restored from the cloud.

The Terra remains available with either 24TB or the recently announced 48TB capacity.

The compact Terra is designed for users eager to invest in the Kaleidescape experience but not ready to commit to a larger movie server. With the power to download feature-length 4K movies in as little as 10 minutes, the Terra 12 will give users the same experience as the larger servers but allow the flexibility to add playback zones and grow movie collections over time by adding additional Terra servers.

Terra 12 can support any number of Strato C players and serve up to five simultaneous 4K Ultra HD playbacks, compared to only two simultaneous playbacks for Strato S. It also has the ability to playback and download movies at the same time (with Strato C), which is something Strato S cannot do. The compact Terra can be mounted beside a Strato C in a 1U rack space, using Kaleidescape’s custom rack mount, saving additional shelf space. Combined with a Strato C, the compact Terra will provide Kaleidescape systems with powerful performance and flexibility for future expansion.

Kaleidescape is the world’s only ecosystem for storing and enjoying lossless, reference-quality movies onboard. Kaleidescape’s movies include integrated cues for cinema automation control, enabling its award-winning movie players and servers to produce an astonishingly immersive cinematic experience while unlocking the full potential of your audio and video components. With the unique Marine Movie Service Kaleidescape makes it easy for customers with yachts to enjoy the latest 4K content while out at sea without requiring an Internet connection. At the time of initial system purchase movies can be purchased from the Kaleidescape marine movie store and downloaded at the factory to a new Strato S movie player or Terra movie server (Marine customers only). At any point after system installation, customers can return to the marine movie store to purchase additional movies, which are then factory-downloaded to an encrypted hard drive. The hard drive is shipped to the yacht where it can be plugged in to update the onboard system with the newly purchased content.


For more information about Kaleidescape systems and the Marine Movie Service you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece and Cyprus:

Aegean Electronics SA
4 Zosimadon Str., 185 31 Piraeus, Greece
Tel: +30 210 4123 000