Radar NX software sets new standards in collision avoidance

All along, the Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis Radar NX application stood out as a user-defined software with a state-of-the-art, clearly structured display and an intuitive operation philosophy. The development engineering team, having just finished some very thorough investigations into future proof adaptive technologies, set a new standard by the implementation of a near-perfect automatic clutter suppression into the Synapsis version E.04.05 integrating the Radar NX software.

With the new approach, the software evaluates the radar returns in small groups of range bins. A new process generates knowledge about the clutter situation, separately for all directions and ranges, and identifies false returns from waves, precipitation, clouds, or other disturbances. If there is for example a higher disturbance on the windward side of the vessel and a much lower return on the leeward side of an island, the software performs the identification of false echoes individually for each area – even though they are both in one PPI.

In contrast to manual filtering, the AUTO clutter mode becomes capable of handling different clutter situations at the same time within one PPI. This is quite similar to the human eye: compared to a digital camera, the human eye can much better cope with bright areas and shadowed areas. The new functionality based on advanced and robust CFAR algorithms has become available with Synapsis Software Release E04.05, among other features and improvements. The software is also available with chart underlay as Chart Radar NX.

The software can use Raytheon Anschütz own NautoScan NX S-Band and X-Band network radar transceivers, providing Gigabit LAN raw video distribution for high flexibility and optimized performance, or selected solid-state radar transceivers from TERMA, providing unsurpassed performance in severe weather and small target detection. Any of these combinations make ultimate radar performance affordable for smaller ships like patrol boats, rescue vessels, mega yachts, offshore patrol, or offshore supply vessels All the radar scanner options offered (NautoScan NX or solid-state radars) are type-approved and scalable solutions maximizing performance for each specific application’s requirements.


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