SAILOR VHF Radios comply with latest Regulations

The Maritime Safety Committee of IMO at its 104th session approved the latest revision (No.3) of Circular 1460, taking into account the recommendation of the Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue at its 8th session. The guidance in this circular recognizes that incompatibility may exist between VHF radiocommunication equipment installed on ships and on shore, and the revised frequencies and channeling arrangements for the maritime VHF bands as contained in Appendix 18 to the ITU Radio Regulations (RR) – Edition 2020.

The ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences made extensive changes to Appendix 18 of the RR in the previous years. While these changes do not affect the GMDSS, they do affect the use of other frequencies used for VHF meteorological, navigational, and urgent marine information broadcasts, port operations, and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS).

The Guidance on procedures for updating shipborne navigation and communication equipment (MSC.1/Circ.1389) notes that updates to application software and firmware to meet changes in IMO and ITU regulatory requirements are needed. To ensure GMDSS communication capability and the availability of appropriate GMDSS radiocommunication equipment, and without prejudice to the arrangements contained in Appendix 18 of the RR, VHF radiocommunication equipment should be updated so that following the first radio survey after 01-01-2024, at the earliest, it meets the arrangements which will be in force by then. So, based on the new regulation, all VHFs must comply with Appendix 18 of the RR, which requires 4-digit channels to be available on the fixed VHFs on board.

All the recent SAILOR VHF Radio series, by Cobham SATCOM, comply with the requirements of Appendix 18 RR after updating to their latest corresponding software version as follows:

  • 7000-series already complying
  • 6000-series update to version 2.17
  • 5000-series update to version 2.11

The Cobham SAILOR VHF Series was always a vital tool for daily onboard operations in the demanding maritime environment. Maritime radios are used for everything from safe navigation and port/coastal communication to enabling teamwork which contributes to optimizing onboard operations and emergency procedures. Choosing the right radio, for the job from the extensive Cobham SAILOR maritime radio portfolio, is important for safety and efficiency, as well as meeting numerous national and international regulations. SAILOR VHF Radios were always based on the same foundations of high reliability, ease of use, and leading-edge functionality which placed them as the top choice of maritime VHFs. Building on the established technology leadership and exceeding the standards set by IMO regulations, the clear communication allowed by SAILOR VHF Radios can make the difference between a non-event and a major incident.


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