New Windows & MacOS native applications from SEA.AI

SEA.AI (formerly known as OSCAR) introduced the latest advancements in the SEA.AI app, the MacOS and Windows native applications. The new MacOS and Windows applications provide a user-friendly way to access Sentry, offering a recommended solution for an enhanced user experience with no more browser access needed.

Some of the advantages of these new applications are:

  • Clean and Seamless Operations:

Upcoming MacOS and Windows apps for Sentry bring a cleaner and more seamless experience. Features include Fullscreen mode and efficient window management for clutter-free and immersive use of Sentry’s machine vision capabilities.

  • Avoid Compatibility Issues:

Dedicated Sentry applications for MacOS and Windows eliminate browser compatibility concerns. Meticulously designed for a clean operation on both platforms, they ensure consistent performance and overcome browser-specific limitations, providing a more reliable and stable user experience.

  • Simplified Connection Process:

Sentry’s new applications simplify the connection process, eliminating complexities associated with IP addresses and technical configurations. Users can now connect to Sentry automatically, without the need for manual setup, making it more user-friendly.

SEA.AI is a pioneer in the field of machine vision for marine applications. The Offshore, Competition & Sentrysystems combine optical and thermal sensors with artificial intelligence for enhanced comfort and safety at sea. SEA.AI systems detect floating objects early, using thermal and optical cameras to catch even objects that escape conventional ­systems such as Radar or AIS: unsignalled craft, floating obstacles, containers, buoys, inflatables, kayaks and persons over board. As maritime security remains a persistent concern in today’s world, SEA.AI continues to lead the way with innovative solutions that supports crew members and maritime professionals to effectively safeguard their vessel’s operations.


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