ShipModul released firmware V3.19.0 for MiniPlex-3

ShipModul, a Dutch marine electronics manufacturer, announced that a new firmware, V3.19.0 was released for the MiniPlex-3 Series. This would be used together with a matching MPXConfig3 V3.14.0 which was already released since 18/9/2023. It should be noted that this latest MPXConfig3 is only available for Windows and not yet for macOS (a firmware downgrade is required for this). The new firmware update provides some bug fixes on the previous V3.18.2 while the 3.19.x versions allow for the following changes/new features and bug fixes:


Changes/New Features:

  • PGN 127493 (Transmission Parameters, Dynamic)

PGN 127493 (Transmission Parameters, Dynamic) is now decoded into an $ERXDR sentence.


  • PGN 130316 (Temperature)

PGN 130316 can contain temperatures from various sources. Outside and sea temperature were already decoded. We have added Exhaust gas temperature to the list, which is decoded into an $ERXDR sentence.


  • Flow Rate Units

Until now, flow rates in XDR sentences were expressed in liters per second, indicated by an ‘l’ in the Units field of the XDR sentence, as per NMEA 0183 standard.

On small craft however, consuming as little as 2 liters per hour for instance, this would result in a value of 0.00056 in the resulting XDR sentence. Since we limit fractional values to 3 decimals, this would result in:


which actually equals 3.6 liters per second.

On our request, NMEA has defined a new unit: liters per hour, indicated by an ‘H’. As of this firmware version, the ‘H’ is used to indicate flow rate in all generated XDR sentences. This effectively increases the resolution of converted flow rates:



  • Modbus

It is now possible to set the slave address of the MiniPlex though MPXConfig3 when Modbus Slave mode is enabled.

Bug Fixes:

  • AIS Message 5

If an !AIVDM or !AIVDO sentence containing AIS Message 5 was converted to NMEA 2000, the arrival date would be wrong if the MiniPlex had not received the current time and date from a GPS source.


  • Engine Oil Pressure

Engine oil pressure converted from PGN 127489 to an XDR sentence was 10 times too high.



These new features and conversions lead to many changes “under the hood”. Although both platforms were tested extensively, the occasional bug may surface. So please contact us if you feel the MiniPlex-3 is not performing as it should; so we can fix this immediately.


ShipModul provides advanced solutions for the reliable communication of NMEA data between multiple talkers and listeners. They are offering several interfacing options (NMEA0183, N2K, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi …) a rich set of features and configurations while eliminating ground loops. This makes the outputs compatible with all sorts of inputs, whether they are isolated or not, differential (RS-422) or grounded (RS-232). Any combination of networks using NMEA 0183, N2K or SeaTalk data integrates seamlessly via the latest MiniPlex-3 Series NMEA multiplexers. They offer the ultimate solution to connect old and new worlds and the perfect gateway to computers and tablets onboard.


For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

 Aegean Electronics SA

4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece

Tel: +30 210 4123000