Simrad Introduces the new NSX® ULTRAWIDE

Simrad Yachting, a leader in marine electronics and navigation, today introduced the NSX®ULTRAWIDE, the world’s first fully-featured ultrawide marine display. Delivering all the benefits of dual screens in one place, the new NSX ULTRAWIDE is up to 63% wider than the NSX and provides a more streamlined and immersive experience resulting in an elevated dash aesthetic that unlocks new possibilities and a superior charting experience.

“With a show-stopping aesthetic and enhanced functionality, the NSX ULTRAWIDE is setting a new standard in the marketplace, and we are proud to pave the way,” said Kevin Steinbraker, VP and General Manager, Digital Systems of Navico Group. “Whether in their cars, computer monitor at work, or the TVs in their homes, consumers have grown accustomed to and love the benefits of ultrawide screens. Now they can have those same experiences at the helm with immersive graphics and flexible viewing splits. The NSX ULTRAWIDE offers a new perspective on boating that consumers won’t want to go without.”

The NSX ULTRAWIDE is available in 12-inch and 15-inch SolarMAX IPS displays – viewable from all angles, even with polarized sunglasses. It is a versatile premium solution for a variety of vessel types including surf/wake, pontoons, cruisers, and small to mid-size center consoles. Boaters can upgrade their helm to a simpler and more premium display with its revolutionary aspect ratio that provides better functionality with perfectly optimized full page applications and application splits, as well as uninterrupted data flows that are easier to digest. Boaters can also create truly unique dashboards, combining multiple NSX ULTRAWIDE displays to best fit their needs. With ease-of-use at its core, the NSX platform was designed to feel instantly familiar to create a seamless experience on the water.



The chart experience on the NSX ULTRAWIDE is unprecedented. The bundled C-MAP DISCOVER™X charts are optimized specifically for NSX, and the NSX ULTRAWIDE display’s high pixel density shows enhanced sharp resolution letting users appreciate unprecedented levels of detail. For avid anglers, extra detail can be added with an upgrade to REVEAL™X, featuring incredible Shaded Relief and Satellite Imagery.

The X-Gen charts also unlock a host of ground-breaking new features, such as the new C-MAP Safety Alerts – built to automatically alert users to hazards up ahead, ranging from shallow waters to buoys. Additionally, in an industry first, the C-MAP X-Chart Manager lets users manage C-MAP chart updates and upgrades directly from their device, with the ability to choose custom areas for a near-instant download. The NSX ULTRAWIDE is also compatible with select third party chart options and more. Some of these will become available throughout 2024.



The NSX ULTRAWIDE also offers a competitive edge to OEMs and existing boat owners by delivering an instantly eye-catching dash that stands out among other boats. Bringing all the benefits of dual displays to a single unit, the NSX ULTRAWIDE provides an easier, faster, and more efficient installation with fewer cables, one cut and less set up.

The NSX-Series is always evolving, bringing brand new features and integrations with every software update. Such as:

  • Unlock smarter fishing

Get compatibility with many 1kW transducers, and leading sonar tech like FishReveal™ and Active Imaging®. Plus see high-res bathymetry and contour lines down to a 1-foot level of detail.

  • Superior integration

Connectivity sits at the heart of NSX. Get seamless integration with the full Simrad suite and a whole host of third party tech, from CZone® digital switching to RGBW lighting, audio, and beyond.

  • Class-leading engine control

Nobody connects with Mercury® better than we do. Get best-in-class integration with SmartCraft Connect, and outstanding compatibility with other leading propulsion brands like Honda and Suzuki.

  • 3x faster autorouting (vs SIMRAD GO)

Our fastest ever autorouting gets you where you want to be quicker than ever, with safety-conscious routes tailored to your vessel.

  • Dedicated night mode

Navigate safely around the clock and in any conditions with the enhanced night mode.

  • Plan anywhere, anytime

The Simrad® Companion App lets you plan adventures from anywhere. Explore charts, back-up waypoints, and manage updates – all from your mobile or tablet.



For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece

Tel: +30 210 4123000