Simrad presents the EK80 Portable Entry

Simrad, a principal manufacturer of scientific echo-sounders and instruments for fishery research and underwater science applications presented the EK80 Portable Entry. The Entry is a comprehensive package comprising all one needs to get started doing the essential aquatic ecosystem monitoring. It is a bundle comprising the EK80 Portable, a dual-frequency transducer, and an Echoview license for post-processing of the data..


The Entry builds on the basic functionality from the ES38-18/200-18C transducer. This special transducer, designed and built in-house like all Simrad transducers, utilizes 3 channels for the 38 kHz split-beam elements while the 4th channel is used for the 200 kHz single beam element. The combination of 38 kHz and 200 kHz functionalities within one transducer allows users to carry out the basic ecosystem assessment, distinguishing small targets such as zooplankton from larger such as fish. The 200 kHz also allows for a short pulse length with resulting high vertical resolution. In any case, a full calibration of the system prior to the survey start is necessary for ensuring the collected data accuracy and reliability. The EK80 SW has the calibration functionality built-in and calibrates the full beam-width of the transducer across the frequency range of transmission. The EK80 license included in the Entry bundle is restricted to this particular transducer and to narrowband (CW) operation only. An easy upgrade path to any other EK80 Portable versions is available on demand.

As part of the EK80 Portable Entry, a tailored Echoview licensing bundle is provided. This specializes in converting the collected data to information which helps to make post-processing faster, easier, more objective, and cost-effective. The bundle provides capacity for stock assessment, behavior and ecology studies, and habitat classification with features selected specifically to complement this hardware. This licensing bundle can import data only from the EK80 Portable Entry, and comes with 3-months of Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS). The license is perpetual and Echoview Software offers extensions of MATS, upgrades to the bundled license, and also training with a full suite of online training courses available.

For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece

Tel: +30 210 4123000