Simrad released s.v.22.6 for ES80

A new software (v.22.6) for the latest Processor Unit of Simrad ES80 has been released. The updated Processor Unit software is controlling all functionality, Tx/Rx, interfacing with external peripherals and sensors, plus the user interface. Furthermore, the following are introduced for the ES80 with this latest update:

Bug fixes

  • The user interface now allows the reception of temperature readings from a relevant sensor.
  • Adjusted auto-pulse behavior.

New functionality

  • The information pane was rearranged to enhance data visibility for ADCP.
  • Fish size estimates using only a single-beam transducer.
  • Calibration functionality added for current profiler (ADCP).
  • Video recording functionality implemented.

It should be noted that a firmware update for the Transceiver is not included with this new software release; however, the above changes improve performance. Plus, this software update introduces important new functionality and addresses software bugs that have been reported by our users or detected during our own product testing. So, it is recommended that all Simrad ES80 users update their software to this latest version.

The Simrad ES80 is the fifth generation professional single & split beam fish finder for the worldwide fishing community. The ES80 software is a 64-bit installation, optimized for Windows 10 controlling all functionality. Transmission and reception, interfaces with external peripherals and sensors, plus all user interfaces are included. The latest innovations in computer and signal processing techniques are used to create this sophisticated, but also intuitive, echo sounder. It can operate with frequencies ranging from 10 to 500 kHz. With a suitable transducer, the ES80 can use frequency sweeps (“chirps”) across a range of frequencies.

The ES80 needs one or more software licenses to work. Each software license code “unlocks” one Wideband Transceiver (WBT) or General Purpose Transceiver (GPT) for operational use with a set of predefined properties. Users do not need to obtain any new license string(s) when they update from a previous version of a licensed ES80. In order to obtain a software license, users must contact a Simrad dealer or distributor.

For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece

Tel: +30 210 4123000