Simrad released s.v.23.11 for TV80

The new software version 23.11 of Simrad TV80 adds value to all Simrad Fishing Gear Monitoring Systems with all the latest improvements included. It is recommended that all users have their TV80 Processor Unit’s software updated to this latest version; released to show the complete picture while in fishing operations and make the most of previous and current sensors of the PX and PxPos Families. Software update v.23.11 solves a number of software bugs that have been reported by users, or detected during our own software development. New functionality is also introduced, while the following specific changes have been made:


New functionality:

  • The TV80 software can now be used with triple trawl systems. However, the triple trawl gear option will not appear by default on the left side of the Installation dialog box. To add a triple trawl system on your TV80, use the Gear Setup function.
  • The TV80 software now supports the new TP90 transceiver. By means of this transceiver, the TV80 can provide information about the relative position of the ITI and PxPos sensors placed on the trawl. The settings of the TP90 transceiver are defined by means of the Trawl Positioning Configurator dialog box. To use the TP90 transceiver on your TV80, you must first install the TpTransceiver software. The software installation file can be downloaded from our website. For more information, contact one of our dealers or agents, or Kongsberg Discovery.
  • The TV80 software is now compatible with the new PxPos sensors. In addition to the measurement provided by each PxPos sensor, the TV80 calculates information about the slant range and the horizontal distance between the sensor and the vessel, as well as the true bearing, and provides them as new measurements displayed in the TV80 presentation. The TV80 software uses this information together with the GPS position of the vessel to calculate the position of the sensor.
  • The new PX miniCatch sensor can now be configured and monitored by means of the TV80 software. This new sensor gives you information about catch, battery status, roll pitch and height. By means of the optional Depth / Temperature lid, you can also get information about depth and temperature. This sensor offers compatibility with SR (SPPM) receivers, PI (PPM) receivers and both types at the same time, in addition to the FA701 receiver using PPM.



  • The sensor programmer has been improved. This has reduced the time it takes for the TV80 system to connect to the sensor and retrieve data.
  • A slider has been introduced to set the update rate when adding a PX sensor. This allows you to know the exact update rate of a sensor when different measurements are added.
  • Replaying and recording options for the SR receivers are now accessed by clicking on the receiver icon in the I/O Setup SR block diagram. The I/O Setup function is located in the Installation dialog box.
  • Improvements in PSIMTV80 output sentences. These improvements include location of the vessel (code 0), sentences for new measurements and bug fixes in the structure, among others. All measurements for trawl positioning have also been added to PSIMTV80 datagram format.
  • The way of selecting measurents in gauges has been simplified. The measurements are now grouped by channel or serial number to make the location of specific measurements easier.
  • Unix Time has been implemented for recording date and time information in .csv files.
  • When you add a Gyro or a GPS in the Installation dialog box, it will automatically appear in the Navigation dialog box. Before the implementation of this improvement, the relevant Gyro or GPS had to be manually chosen in the Navigation dialog box after installing it.
  • New NMEA sentences for winches in twin and triple trawl systems are now supported. Additionally, values added to variable names are available to display in gauges.
  • Now it is possible to differentiate between doors and wings in Geometry measurements.
  • Measurement values higher than 100 metres in gauges have been added a decimal for a more exact measuring.
  • Flow measurement values in gauges have been added two decimals for a more exact measuring.



Bug fixes

  • Before this version, it was required to restart the TV80 software when changing an hydrophone, as the echogram would not be automatically updated with the new data. Now, the new hydrphone data is received and shown without having to restart the software.
  • The TV80 PX Receiver application now correctly handles computer Sleep and Hybernation modes. Previously, the error “PX Receiver not found” was sometimes shown in these cases.
  • In the Installation dialog box, the lines representing connections between icons in the block diagrams used to blink and continuously change from green (connected) to red (disconnected), and viceversa. Now the lines will not blink and remain green (if connected) unless they do not receive any data in 30 seconds (approximately). If the system does not receive any data, the lines will turn red.
  • When configuring a PX TrawlEye sensor, the system would hang when physical connection to the sensor was lost. This bug has been fixed. The TV80 software will now try to reconnect three times and, if it is not able to reconnect, it will show a message asking you to check the physical connection to the sensor.
  • Fixed issue related to PI sensors and interface to the ES80 system. Each PI sensor type now has a fixed sensor number in NMEA sentences and will maintain it even when you close the TV80 software and open it again.
  • Calculated values, such as twin spread and geometry, would sometimes flicker in gauges. This issue has been solved. Calculated values are now always visible in gauges as long as their source values are also displayed.


The Simrad TV80 Fishing Gear Monitoring software implements a new licensing system. The TV80 system needs a software license to receive data from catch monitoring sensors. There are different types of licenses available depending on your working scenario or operational specific needs. Each software license “unlocks” a set of functionalities. The Software License dialog box is added to the Setup menu for this purpose. In all cases a valid Hardware ID number is mandatory to obtain a software license. So, these dedicated procedures need to be observed and one should contact their local support before updating a TV80. Furthermore, the TV80 system software cannot be moved from one processor to another unless a new license is requested/issued/installed.


The TV80 software has been designed/optimized for Microsoft® Windows® 10. Other/older operating systems are not supported. The end-user documentation has been updated with this release. The current TV80 Reference Manual is included as context sensitive on-line help with the TV80 software media (USB flash drive).


Simrad’s Fishing Gear Monitoring systems can be used with a variety of current and previous generations’ sensors and receivers. All combinations of ITI, PI, PX and PxPos sensor platforms are compatible with the latest TV80. All these sensors can be placed on a trawl or purse seine to monitor key parameters. The design of each Simrad sensor is extremely rugged, and they are all built to withstand the daily beating and battering they are subjected to on an operating trawl or purse seine.



For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

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