Simrad released ST90 s.v.3.1.8

A new software (v.3.1.8) for the Processor Unit of the Simrad ST90 Omni Sonar has been released. The Simrad ST90 is a low frequency (14-24 kHz) omni sonar system for medium to large-sized vessels. It is optimized for fishery and underwater scientific applications requiring long-range combined with high performance. The narrow beam opening angle (6.5° @ 17 kHz) and the high source level makes the ST90 a very powerful and high-resolution low-frequency sonar.

This new Processor Unit software is controlling all functionality, transmission and reception, interfaces with external peripherals and sensors, and all user interface. It solves a number of software bugs that have been reported by ST90 users or detected during our own product testing. The following specific changes have been made with this latest update:

  • The functional relationship between the TVG and AGC functions has been modified to improve the echo quality.
  • The AGC function has been improved.
  • The Vertical and Plane Views have been updated for improved transmission quality.
  • The Beamformer has been updated to improve the acoustic performance.
  • Support for TRX32 transceiver boards has been implemented.
  • A new firmware version for the Operating Panel (Mk2) is provided (filename “”).
  • A new version of the Operating Panel (Mk2) HIDS interface application used to communicate with the Processor Unit is provided (filename “hids.msi”).

It should be noted that a firmware update for the Transceiver Unit is not included with this ST90 software release and no new functionality is introduced. However, several changes have been made to improve the performance. So, it is recommended that all users update their software to this latest version.


For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

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Tel: +30 210 4123000