Simrad TV80 updated to s.v.1.4.2

The new software version 1.4.2 of Simrad TV80 adds value to all Simrad Catch Monitoring Systems with all the latest improvements included. It is recommended that all users have their TV80 Processor Unit’s software updated to this latest version; released to show the complete picture while in fishing operations and make the most of previous and current sensors of the PX Family. Software update v.1.4.2 solves a number of software bugs that have been reported by users, or detected during our own software development. New functionality is also introduced, while the following specific changes have been made:

  • The predefined views for purse seine installations are made available.
  • All NMEA GPS System Fix Data (GGA) sentences are now accepted regardless of the NMEA Talker ID.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the offset and code parameters to not show when configuring the Spread measurement for any sensor.

Systems using the older PI50 or PI60 Receiver Units, which had not implemented the Geometry Diff. / Height combination of measurements had some operational issues when combined with the latest TV80 Processing Units. So, the new TV80 s.v.1.4.2 also fixed the following related bugs:

  • The first geometry measurement was not working from a PX MultiSensor Mk2 (with sw 1.00 or older) placed on the clump in a twin gear, while using PI50 or PI60 Receiver Units.
  • More than one measurement was not working when configuring a sensor to send both Geometry Diff. and Height measurements, while using PI50 or PI60 Receiver Unit
  • The geometry remote function selected first in the list of remote functions was not working when setting up the PX MultiSensor Mk2 (software version 1.00 or older) as a geometry remote of a PX TrawlEye, while using PI50 or PI60 Receiver Units.

For scientific underwater research projects’ requirements, the Simrad TV80 also generates time stamped data files with all the relevant information. Moreover, it displays all the data provided by the sensors on the fishing gear and also calculates additional data based on the information from the catch monitoring and navigation sensors allowing for:

  • Easy operation with an intuitive user interface
  • Flexible screen presentation
  • Up to four simultaneous views
  • Dual Screen configuration
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Telemetry data recording every 60 seconds
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer
  • Stable data readings

The Simrad TV80 Systems need one software license to work, but users do not need to obtain any new license string(s) when updating from a previous version of a licensed TV80. The TV80 software has been designed/optimized for Microsoft Windows 10. Windows 7 is also supported but no other/older operating systems. The end-user documentation has not been updated with this release. The current TV80 Reference Manual is included as context-sensitive on-line help with the TV80 software media (USB flash drive).

Simrad’s Catch Monitoring systems can be used with a variety of current and previous generations’ sensors and receivers. All combinations of ITI, PI, and PX sensor platforms are compatible with the latest TV80. All these sensors can be placed on a trawl or purse seine to monitor key parameters. The design of each Simrad sensor is extremely rugged, and they are all built to withstand the daily beating and battering they are subjected to on an operating trawl or purse seine.

For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece

Tel: +30 210 4123000