Simrad TV80 (v.1.3.1) is now available

The introduction of new functionality and latest improvements will add value to your Simrad TV80 system. It is recommended that all users update their software to v.1.3.1, the latest and most complete solution released to show you all the information about your current fishing operation. Its flexible and intuitive design allows you to detect any changes or trends in the relevant data from the fishing gear and catch monitoring sensors. A quick look at the screen is enough to see the advantages of this important update. Software update v.1.3.1 solves a number of software bugs that have been reported by our users, or detected during our own product testing. New functionality is also introduced, while the following specific changes have been made:

  • A common noise level filter for SR type receivers has been implemented and can be set up in the SR Receiver Filtering dialog box. The Noise level refers to the common or general noise level picked up by the hydrophone. When noise appears in the same frequency range as the sensors are using for their communication, the resulting information may be unstable or unreadable.
  • Communication channel numbers have been added to the Spectrum graph.
  • Sweep angle gauge added to the Designer module.
  • A new Navigation dialog box has been added to the Setup menu. The Navigation dialog box controls how the TV80 receives information from external navigation sensors, such as positioning and/or gyro compass systems.




The Simrad TV80 also generates time stamped data files with all the relevant information required in scientific underwater research projects. Moreover it displays all the data provided by the sensors on your gear and also calculates additional data based on the information from the catch monitoring and navigation sensors allowing for:

  • Easy operation with intuitive user interface
  • Flexible screen presentation
  • Up to four simultaneous views
  • Dual Screen configuration
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Telemetry data recording every 60 seconds
  • Built-in spectrum analyser
  • Stable data readings


The Simrad TV80 systems need one software license to work, but you do not need to obtain any new license string(s) when you update from a previous version of a licensed TV80. End user documentation has also been updated with this release. The current TV80 Reference Manual is included as context sensitive on-line help with the TV80 software media (USB flash drive).

Simrad’s Catch Monitoring systems can be used with a variety of sensors. All these sensors can be placed on your trawl or purse seine to monitor key parameters. The design of each sensor is extremely rugged, and they are built to withstand all the beating and battering they are subjected to on a trawl or purse seine.


For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

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Tel: +30 210 4123000

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