Simrad® updates R2009 & R3016 Radars

The new Simrad® HALO® 2000 and HALO® 3000 pulse compression radar transceivers were unveiled in Q4/2022 providing many new features and improved capabilities. Following that, software version 18.3.3-61.1.168 was released for the Simrad® R2009 and R3016 Professional radars allowing compatibility with this revolutionary radar technology. The new state-of-the-art network-based radar transceivers combined with the updated radar control units merged into a new generation of navigational radar.

This latest software release also provides a new serial driver which fixes an intermittent data dropout on NMEA0183 serial port at 4800 baud.

The HALO® 2000 and HALO® 3000 both feature higher power pulse compression and improved detection ranges to offer the most powerful Simrad® HALO® radars on the market. Other key integrations like Bird+ Mode, ZoneTrack™ and support for Dangerous Target Alerts provide users with even more technical and safety benefits.

HALO® 2000 comes with 50 watts of power, ensuring visibility out to 72 nautical miles, while HALO® 3000, Simrad Yachting’s most powerful open array radar with 130 watts of power, provides visibility out to 96 nautical miles. That power is combined with world-class beam sharpening for enhanced target separation that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Bird+ Mode

HALO® 3000 has a new mode called Bird+ mode where the radar settings and pulse scheme are optimized to put more energy on target. The Bird+ Mode activates the radar to solely focus on maximizing 130 watts of power on targeting and identifying flocks of birds at ranges of up to eight nautical miles.

If the user has another MFD on the network-sharing radar, they should be aware that the radar image on the R3016 may go to standby, if the MFD radar is set to Bird+ mode. The reason for this is that the Bird+ transmit pulse scheme is not optimized for other modes, so when using Bird+ mode it is not possible to use dual range.

For example, if another MFD is using a dual range with modes set to Offshore and Weather, then sets the Weather mode to Bird+, the range in Offshore mode will go to standby. If the R3016 was also viewing the Offshore mode, the radar will also switch to standby.

When Bird mode is selected on the R3016, it selects the HALO® 3000 to Bird+ mode.

Day or night, rain or fog, the HALO® 2000 and HALO® 3000 combined with the updated R2009 and/or R3016 Professional radars provide a powerful extra set of eyes to help users stay aware of approaching vessels, weather, and obstacles.

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