Simrad PX Flow sensor

For efficient, sustainable and aimed fishing

Fishermen all over the world have relied on information from Simrad Catch Monitoring Systems every day since the early 60’s. Information about door spread and door stability, fish entry, catch volume in cod end and height of trawl and/or door is vital to be efficient on a trawler. On a purse seine you get information about net depth, distance to bottom, sinking rate and thermoclines. Today SIMRAD has a range of Catch Monitoring products, both wireless and cable based, which can be combined. Interfacing Simrad Catch Monitoring Systems to other equipment gives you full control from setting to catch thus enabling you to fish more efficient, safer and environmental friendly.

The PX Flow sensor is the latest addition to the PX sensor family. This new sensor measures water speed in trawl opening or inside the trawl. It is the trawl’s speed through the water that is of importance, not the vessel’s GPS speed. The sensor can also be configured to measure Geometry, Height, Roll, Pitch, etc. Unlike other water speed sensors, this sensor utilizes the Doppler principle to measure the speed. Using Doppler principle is a huge benefit because it enables you to measure the speed of water at a distance from the net. This is particularly important if you want to measure inside a trawl where you have a boundary layer with much less water speed close to the net than in the center of the funnel.

The PX sensor family comes in two different bodies and 8 different HW configurations. At the same time, each sensor can read up to 5 different measurements. A standard sensor will have 2 data readings and the user can purchase a license for up to 3 additional functions. All available functions can be user programmable using the TV80 software.


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