C-Map, a member of the Navico family of Brands, announced the replacement of all previous end-of-life MAX-N & MAX-N+ charts with the latest DISCOVER and REVEAL for Navico Group (Simrad, B&G, etc) chart-plotters. If within the 12-month free update period of the original chart the update to either type (depending the old chart type) will be free-of-charge. If the chart is older than 12 months an update cost will be applied. For MAX-N+ this update will usually be to a new DISCOVER chart. For existing Reveal users, Precision Contour HD, Lake Insight and Insight Pro, the update will be to a REVEAL chart. In all cases, users will benefit from the improved data and features in these new charts.

Furthermore, the unique features, available only to Simrad and B&G Chart-plotters, of Custom Depth Shading and Shaded Relief make C-Map charts the go-to-choice to power fishing, cruising or sailing. In particular, Custom Depth Shading provides many options to set a safety depth, maintain a paper like view or your own custom color for depths. While Shaded Relief brings the world around your vessel to life with 3D rendered land and underwater elevations.


C-Map DISCOVER are High Quality Entry-Level Charts including all the essentials, like:

  • High-Res Bathymetry
  • Nautical Charts
  • Harbor & Port Plans
  • Genesis Layer (available for selected areas)
  • Custom Depth Shading
  • Subscription-Free Easyrouting™
  • Tides & Currents


C-Map REVEAL are Premium Quality Charts for the user (except Cruise-range) who wants it all. C-Map REVEAL includes all data and features in C-Map DISCOVER plus:

  • Shaded Relief – Seafloor 3D Imagery provides attractive three-dimensional views of land elevation and bottom contours, bringing to life the world around your boat. Visualize underwater pinnacles and topographical landmarks easier than ever.
  • High-resolution Satellite Imagery is an invaluable tool providing real-world reference and enhancing situational awareness for coastal navigation and fishing.
  • Aerial Photos are a collection of thousands of photos of marinas, harbors, inlets and other notable navigational features included to offer an additional level of detail.
  • Raster Charts provide a traditional chart look and feel coupled with easy access to all objects on the charts.

The World-class C-Map DISCOVER & REVEAL charts include all navigation information, ranging from depth areas and contours, spot soundings, navigation aids, moons, tides, currents, marine parks and more.

Simrad and B&G users, especially with the C-Map REVEAL charts, enter a new world of mapping and may view the sea floor in a whole new light. The clear identification of sea floor structure, along with reefs and ledges provides users with the information needed to find the best fishing, diving, cruising and anchoring spots.


For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece

Tel: +30 210 4123000

E-mail: info@aegeanel.com