Kaleidescape releases latest kOS

Kaleidescape strives to improve the user experience with regular software rollouts, enabling higher fidelity source material and elevating every component of our yacht’s theater. With the latest kOS software release, the overall performance was improved plus access to movie details during playback was added.



Performance improvements and fixes

Kaleidescape made several behind-the-scenes improvements to fix bugs, enhance Terra server robustness, and streamline the playback experience.

Access to movie details during playback on Strato systems

While a movie is playing, pressing the “info” button will show the most important details about the movie or TV show at the bottom of the screen. This information includes a list of actors and directors, the year the title was released, the rating, the resolution, run time and remaining time, and the current series episode or movie chapter. This is a convenient way to get a quick look at where you are in the movie or answer common questions without having to exit the movie.


For more information about Kaleidescape systems and the Marine Movie Service you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece and Cyprus:

Aegean Electronics SA
4 Zosimadon Str., 185 31 Piraeus, Greece
Tel: +30 210 4123 000
E-mail: info@aegeanel.com