ShipModul released s.v.3.8.0 for MiniPlex-series

ShipModul, a Dutch marine electronics manufacturer announced that a new firmware, V3.8.0, is released for the MiniPlex-series, together with a matching MPXConfig3 V3.7.0. Moreover, the corresponding products’ manuals have also been updated. This update provides the following new features:

True wind from SOG

A new option is added to use SOG instead of STW to calculate true wind.

Transmit deprecated environmental PGN’s on NMEA 2000

Environmental data can now be transmitted using deprecated PGN’s 130310, 130311, and 130312 instead of 130313, 130314, and 130316, for compatibility with older NMEA 2000 equipment (NMEA 2000 V1.300 and older). To enable these PGN’s, the Device Type of an NMEA 0183 input must be set to “Weather Instrument (<V2)”. Whenever a “(<V2)” – Device Type is selected for an NMEA 0183 input, the Product Information PGN for that input will report NMEA message database version 1.300.

Internal magnetic variation table

A magnetic variation table has been added, covering the world from 88°N to 88°S; this will be updated once a year. A new option called “Use internal variation table” has been implemented to use this table. When this option is enabled and the MiniPlex receives a GPS position, this table is used on the following occasions:

  • NMEA 0183 conversions from magnetic to true heading.
  • NMEA 0183 conversions from true to magnetic heading.
  • Generated HDG and RMC sentences from NMEA 2000 or SeaTalk sources.
  • Transmission of magnetic variation on an NMEA 2000 network.
  • Transmission of magnetic variation on a SeaTalk network, but only if no other variation source exists on the SeaTalk network.

ShipModul provides advanced solutions for the reliable communication of NMEA data between multiple talkers and listeners. They are offering several interfacing options (NMEA0183, N2K, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi …) a rich set of features and configurations while eliminating ground loops. This makes the outputs compatible with all sorts of inputs, whether they are isolated or not, differential (RS-422) or grounded (RS-232). Any combination of networks using NMEA 0183, N2K, or SeaTalk data integrates seamlessly via the latest MiniPlex-3 series NMEA multiplexers. They offer the ultimate solution to connect old and new worlds and the perfect gateway to computers and tablets onboard.


For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

Aegean Electronics SA

4 Zosimadon Str, Piraeus 185 31, Greece

Tel: +30 210 4123000