Simrad SX90 v.3.1.2 is available

This update is important if you are using the SX90 on a Windows® 10 operating system. An upgraded Processor Unit in necessary, in order to run this version of the SX90, so contact your local dealer or distributor for advice. The latest upgraded Processor Units allow for one or two displays depending on operational requirements. The introduction of a new user interface, the added functionality, the improvements to the existing functionality, and the bug fixes all add value to your Simrad SX90 sonar system. It is recommended that all users update their software to v.3.1.2, the latest and most complete software released. This software controls all functionality in the Simrad SX90. This includes transmission and reception, interfaces with external peripherals and sensors, and all user interface. Firmware update for the SX90 Transceiver Units with LPT32 Transceiver PCB is also included with this software release. This is necessary for the SX90 to “shape” the transmitted FM pulses by changing from Linear Frequency Modulated (LFM) to Hyperbolic Frequency Modulated (HFM), also known as “chirp”.

Software changes

This software version introduces a new user interface. This software update solves a number of software bugs that have been reported by our users or detected during our own product testing. The following specific changes have been made:

New user interface

This software version introduces a new user interface.

Horizontal and the vertical ping

In modes with multiple consecutive pings (for example 270°Vertical) the horizontal and the vertical pings are transmitted right after each other in the same transmission. This increases the echo update rate accordingly. Do not use the same frequency for the different pings within the same mode.

Vertical views

The vertical views can now be configured to present the echoes from left to right, or from right to left. This can be changed in the Display Options dialog box.

Display Range

Display Range has been added as an option for the Off Centre functionality. In the previous user interface, only Sonar Range was available. When Sonar Range is chosen, you will see that it appears as a virtual zoom. If you wish to keep the Display Range setting constant, the Sonar Range is automatically increased. The rate of increase depends on where in the horizontal view the Off Center symbol is placed. The purpose of this is to allow the current targets to keep their original sizes in the presentation. This functionality is configured in the Display Options dialog box.

Adjustable bandwidth

Bandwidth is adjustable when you use FM (Frequency Modulated) transmissions. It is by default set to 0.5 kHz. You can choose to increase bandwidth manually. This provides a better range resolution. The optimal bandwidth must be adjusted according to the current environmental conditions. We recommend that you set the RCG value to 7 or higher if you are using higher bandwidth

Fixed transmission sectors

The SX90 now supports fixed transmission sectors for the horizontal ping. In most cases, the omnidirectional sector (360 degrees) is used. As an example, with land on one side, the SX90 works significantly better if the transmission sector is reduced and only centered on the area or targets of interest. In Dual Horizontal mode, this is easy to visualize by using a fixed sector for one ping and omnidirectional sector for the other.

BITE (Built-In Test Equipment) functionality

The SX90 now offers new BITE (Built-In Test Equipment) functionality. The dialog box is located in the Setup menu. The BITE function provides information about the current operational status. You can also run certain functional tests. The BITE dialog box also allows you to generate reports. These reports may prove helpful if you have problems with the SX90. You can export these reports to a USB flash drive using the functionality offered by the Export dialog box.

The SX90 is a long-range, high definition, low-frequency sonar operating between 20 to 30 kHz. An omnidirectional stabilization system is included for electronic pitch and roll compensation in poor weather conditions. The SX90 is specially designed for medium to large purse seiners, with great emphasis placed on giving the best possible overview in the search and catch situation. In addition, full-screen echo presentation, scalable windows, off-center, zoom, and dual operation are standard functions. You can evaluate one school while tracking two other targets, giving you full control of schools and net from detection to catch.



For further information you may contact the Official Distributor and Support Center for Greece:

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